Call Off The Dogs...

05 December 2009

...I am back, all thanks to a very patient Time Warner Cable Repairman who replaced my cable modem and helped me get my AirPort back up and running! So much has happened in the past week or so. I will cut to the chase and bullet-point:
- I sat next to Amy Winehouse at a pre-Thanksgiving lunch at Balthazar last Wednesday. She was unrecognizable without her beehive but those tattoos can be spotted anywhere!
- I had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner. Who knew turnips could be so good? I guess anything in cream is wonderful.
- I pulled a Semi-Homemade Sandra Lee trick (oh, how it pains me to admit that) and doctored up a Banana Cream Pie recipe to make
the best Chocolate Banana Cream Pie ever. I didn't dare make it low-fat, as directed.
- I was cleared by my doctor and physical therapist to start putting in some strenuous workouts. Thursday night I ran two miles and almost cried with happiness. I can say, for sure, this has been the missing puzzle piece in my life over the past few months. I've also been spinning, which is much easier on my gimp foot.
- I spent Black Friday in Garden State Plaza. It was hot and crowded but I did manage to score a tropical wool boyfriend blazer for $43 (that's what happens when a particular women's store's business is in the crapper) and found a tea shop that sells about 10 different varieties of Chai Tea. Right now, I am sipping the Red Chai. It is divine.
- It's Holiday time which means my job gets bearable because...I get to shop for a living. I hit Juicy an found the cutest (albeit a bit cheesy) gifts, purchased a bunch of J.Crew cashmere sweaters for color inspirations of upcoming scents I want to launch in the line I manage and glitter headbands and accessories for a collection we are planning for next Holiday. I still have to hit Kiehl's and Aedes de Venustas and then it is off to California and Las Vegas next week where I will, inevitably, shop some more. I don't get to keep it but, trust me, you still get the same Shopper's High feeling when you hand over your Corporate American Express.
- Began this day in an Francophile kind of mood and purchased This is Paris (children's book), Amelie and Paris,je t'aime (DVDs) to satiate my cravings.

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